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How to Apply Glue Dots

Standard Glue Dots Box
Tired of getting Glue Dots stuck on everything but your product? Having trouble getting the dot off the liner?
Adhesive Brokers has got you covered.
How to Apply Glue Dots®:

Feel like Glue Dots® are sticking everywhere but where you need them to? Are you having to peel dots off your fingers before you apply them to your product? You're not alone. Many customers have found this easy-to-use product difficult to apply and have resorted to tearing pieces of liner or removing the roll from the box altogether! But this doesn't have to be the case for you. The dots are easy to apply and, if you follow these 4 simple steps, you'll find the dispenser box an efficient Glue Dots® application tool!

Step 1: WRelease side flaps toward bottom of dispenser box by pushing along the perforated sides,

Step 2: WThread liner along top of dispenser box so the first pattern is sitting, face up, on the side edge of the carton

IMG 3768
Step 3: WWith pattern ready, take first substrate and adhere to exposed pattern along diagonal edge of dispenser box; pressing firmly to make sure adhesive transfers to first substrate (please note: the more porous the substrate; the less pressure you'll need to adhere the dot. ie.. paper is easier to adhere to plastic etc. Adhesive tack level also has a significant roll to the amount of pressure. )

IMG 3777
Step 4: With pattern adhered to first substrate, apply to second substrate; pressing firmly to ensure Glue Dot adhesive transfer (remember to not touch the glue dot!)

IMG 3785
Please allow 24 hours for full adhesion to both substrates for adequate test results and product effectiveness.

Don't know which dot to try? Still stuck?

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