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#HotMelt, #Metallocene

Why Wait to Switch to Metallocene-based Hot Melt for your Packaging Operations?

The days of avoiding premium metallocene-based hot melt adhesives due to their high costs are over!

Hot melt adhesive users both large and small can now benefit from using metallocene hot melts because their prices have fallen and now virtually everyone can afford this newer adhesive technology.  In fact, many metallocene hot melts are priced lower than EVA hot melt adhesives.

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Metallocene-Based Hot Melt Adhesives

Are you curious about metallocene-based hot melt adhesives for packaging?  Wondering if this newer adhesive technology is the best option for your specific application requirements?  Trying to decide if you can justify converting from conventional EVA-based hot melt to metallocene hot melt?  Here are some important considerations.  Whether you spell it “metallocene” or “metalocene,” these adhesive formulas are the absolute highest performing adhesive technologies available for packaging.  Metallocene-based hot melt adhesives virtually eliminate production downtime because they do not char like EVA-based hot melts so clogging of nozzles and filters are eliminated. 

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Hot Melt Glue Guns or Nozzles Leaking or Stringing?

Hot melt adhesive users regularly ask us what causes their glue guns or nozzles to leak or string.  Some refer to the stringing as “angel hair” because of the thin hair-like webbing of adhesive that accumulates on their packaging machinery.  This issue can be a simple housekeeping issue easily maintained or it can be severe enough to cause production downtime.  There are many things that can cause leaking and stringing.   Here are the common causes.

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Bostik “Smart Adhesives” for Assembling Your Product

Are you searching for an adhesive to assemble your product?  Do you want the latest technology combined with unsurpassed quality and consistency?  Look no further than Bostik and their Smart Adhesives for the best technical solution! 

Bostik is a leading global producer of adhesives for a wide variety of product-assembly applications.  These markets include garage door assembly, filter manufacturing, insulation bonding, foam packaging, window cover assembly, RV production, as well as tape and label applications.  Adhesive technologies for these requirments include PUR, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, polyolefin, and polyamides. 

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