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PUR, EVA and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Bookbinding

Are you a bookbinding company doing traditional high-volume perfect binding on a Kolbus or Muller-Martini perfect binder?  Or, maybe you're binding digital printed books on newer and smaller perfect binding machines from Horizon, Duplo USA or C.P. Bourg.   Regardless of your bookbinding requirements, Adhesive Brokers is ready to help you source the highest quality bookbinding adhesives for every machine and situation.
Whether you are looking for common EVA hot melt adhesives for spine gluing or PUR for more demanding spine gluing including Xerox iGen paper, we have the solutions.  We also have pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives for side gluing.  We couple expertise with our adhesives to help you meet the needs of your customers.  Call us today to discuss the latest technology for your specific requirements!  (800) 820-0288

Hot Melt System Innovation Eliminates Char and Related Production Downtime While Improving Safety

Tired of char in your hot melt systems causing unscheduled downtime due to clogged nozzles and filters?  Losing too much production time waiting for your Nordson, ITW Dynatec, HMT or Slautterback hot melt equipment to warm up to operating temperature?  Is it costing you too much in plant labor to have production personnel constantly refill hot melt tanks?  Concerned about the safety of your employees due to their exposure to 350° F. molten adhesive?

If these symptoms or concerns sound familiar, there is an exciting new innovation in hot melt equipment that eliminates these issues.  It’s the InvisiPac system from Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling and dispensing systems.

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