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Glue Dots: Versatility for Packaging and Much More!

In 2015, Glue Dots International (GDI) has become synonymous with the packaging industry by providing quick and powerful adhesive application solutions to save time and money.  Glue Dots are available in many thicknesses and adhesive strengths and when combined with semi-automatic or fully automatic application equipment, they can be the perfect fit for your packaging operations. 

  You’re probably aware of the standard dispenser box for manual applications that use Glue Dots.  Or, you might have had success with the Dot Shot Pro Applicator (DSP).  The latest hand applicator, the Quick Dot Pro (QDP), is making a tremendous impact in the beverage industry by simplifying the resealing of popped-open cartons in the field by the beverage distributor.  Ever needed to repair a product or package at the end of a production line?  The QDP is the perfect tool for that job as well, with adhesive options ranging from semi-permanent to permanent solutions.

Did you know that Glue Dots offers a complete line of automatic and semi-automatic application equipment?  Constantly innovating and improving their product line, GDI is a full solutions provider.  Please continue reading for more information.

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High-Performance and Competitively Priced Adhesives for Packaging & Converting

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has grown exponentially in recent years to become a leading global manufacturer of adhesives for packaging and converting applications.  Wisdom has hot melt and water based manufacturing plants in the Chicago area combined with water based manufacturing plants in Georgia and Nevada to efficiently serve customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

If you need a dextrin or resin adhesive for laminating on an Automatan or a glue lap adhesive for manufacturing a corrugated box, Wisdom has the best water-based adhesive technology available.  Additionally, Wisdom manufactures high-performance, True Metallocene-based hot melts for end-of-line packaging applications that are comparable in price to conventional EVA hot melts.

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Automatan Litho-Laminating Challenge

A key customer of Adhesive Brokers, Award Packaging in Commerce, CA told us that our water-based adhesive was a little too difficult to clean up on their Automatan litho-laminating machine.  We immediately contacted the lead technical resource for the adhesive manufacturer and were pleased to learn they had seen this issue before and were able to provide an immediate remedy.

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Beverage Packaging & Labeling

Hot melt adhesive technologies for beverage packaging and labeling continue to evolve.  Many beverage manufacturers are now using newer metallocene-based adhesive technologies for their tray making, carton sealing and case closure.

Metallocene-based adhesives provide many benefits that include improved mileage, reduced application rates and they are more "equipment-friendly" so adhesive equipment downtime is virtually eliminated.  A more recent development with metallocene based hot melt technology is that it is used in newer bottle labeling adhesives and thus many of the benefits of metallocene are now available for this important application.

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Automatan Labeling Adhesives That Perform

At Adhesive Brokers, our primary goal is to help customers solve their problems relating to adhesives.  Whether you're testing a new application or trying to improve an existing process, we partner with you to get the most out of today's adhesive technologies.

A year ago, we got the call to help out at a Southern California-based corrugated box and folding carton plant with a litho laminating application. 

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