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Glue Dots vs. Hot Melt

Heard of Glue Dots but not sure what the big deal is?  Glue Dots are a great alternative to hot melt adhesive or tape!  They provide an instant bonding solution and can be applied to many different types of products.
Gift basket manufacturers, contract packagers, fulfillment companies, and mailing houses commonly use Glue Dots to produce their products.  They can be applied manually by hand, semi-automatically with a Dot Shot Pro or Quick Dot Pro, and can also be applied with our fully automatic machine, the SD900 (give us a call if you're interested in this machine). Glue Dots are versatile and fully scalable to meet your needs, and they come in a variety of profiles, thicknesses, and tack levels to meet your requirements.
Thinking about what Glue Dots can do for you?  Check out the Glue Dots page in our store, and contact us to review the options for using Glue Dots to produce your product more efficiently!

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